40 years Homoth Medizinelektronik

40 Jahre Homoth Medizinelektronik

HOMOTH has developed and produced diagnostics systems for 40 years and is now one of the world's leading manufacturers in this sector. The "ENT-Diagnostics-Centre", which is now an integral part in ENT clinics, was introduced in the early 90's as a worldwide novelty. More than 8,000 sold modules and 4,000 devices speak for themselves.

We design our products in close cooperation with technical universities and renowned professors. This enables us to constantly provide the latest high-quality diagnostics at a fair price-performance-ratio.

In the whole world.

Through authorized dealers you can visit our Blue Line relate in almost every corner of the world.

1973 Foundation

Foundation of HOMOTH as a private company by engineering M.A. Rainer Homoth.

1982 Transformation into a limited company
1984 Takeover of the Haeberle area representation
1986 Foundation of HOMOTH Medical Electronics Ltd.
1986 Foundation of the subsidiary Baltic Marine Service Ltd.
1987 Takeover of Zeiss specialist trade representation
1989 Market introduction of the combi-device series
1990 Market introduction stage 1 of the HOMOTH ENT diagnostics centre with ultrasound, tympanography, rhinomanometry
1992 Market introduction stage 2 of the HOMOTH ENT diagnostics centre with voice field measurement, video endoscopy, acoustic rhinomanometry
1996 Market introduction stage 3 of the HOMOTH ENT diagnostics centre with BERA, ENG-C, T-OAE
1997 Introduction of an effective quality guarantee
1998 Certification according to ISO 9001 with specifications according to MPG
1999 Market introduction stage 4 of the HOMOTH ENT diagnostics centre with DP-OAE
2001 Market introduction of the Combi 4000 series
2002 Market introduction stage 5 with tympanometry and rhinomanometry modules and Audio 4000
2003 30-year-anniversary. Switching all modules of the diagnostics centre to USB interface and SMD technology. Certification according to EN ISO 9001:2000
2004 Market introduction of the VNG 4000
2005 Moving in our own building
2006 Certification according to EN/ISO 2003:1485
2007 First Award in the competition of the City of Hamburg "Environmental of product designing"
2008 Market introduction of the Audiometer 4002
2009 Taking over the responsibilities by the new management
2010 Market introduction of the Center 4000M

2011 Introduction of Blue Line series

2012 Start of a scolarship program with PTL Wedel a private school for technicians
2012 Market introduction of the Overview 4000
2013 Market introduction of the HIT 4000
2017 HOMOTH Medizinelektronik from 2017/01/01 is a member of HEINEMANN group

The company HOMOTH together with the company HEINEMANN will continue its success story and bring various interesting innovations in the near future.

2017/01/01 Moving to a new company building