Tymp 4000

Middle Ear Diagnostic

Product description

The HOMOTH Tymp 4000 PC-diagnostic module it is able to do a full-automatic impedance measurement within a few seconds. Every function, as well as curves and data is presented at the PC monitor. The results can be verified before documentation to avoid misprintings. The device is used in the doctors practice as well as in the clinic. The measurement of the compliance lasts only two seconds and works exellent used on children and restless patients. The test results are objective and independent from the assistance of the patient. Because of the extreme easy way to use, the examination can be made directly at the working place and fits in well into the general examination. The test automatic enables to operate the Tymp 4000 with only one hand, so the head of the patient can be held steady with the other hand. For measurement the probe is held against the outer ear. A two coloured lamp on top of the handle indicates the correct fitting of the probe and the measurement is starting automatically. It is possible to measure the stapedius reflex ipsi- and contralateral. During this measurement, the middle ear pressure is held in the outer ear canal. The data and measured curves can be stored on harddisc or transmitted to a practice software.

Technical specifications

System:PC module with USB 2.0 interface Probetone:226 Hz, 85 dB SPL Pressure range:+200 to -400 daPa Pressure delta:300 daPa/sec Measure time:2 sec. for Compliance Reflex tones:500, 1000, 2000 and 4000 Hz at 85, 95 and 105 dB SPL Reflex recognition:automatically Reflexes:ipsi and contralateral Pressurecalibration:automatically at start State indication:LED 3-colours in probe, detailed display symbols Dimensions:330 x 80 x 265 mm (WxHxD) Power supply:13,2 V, external power supply 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 30 W Accessories:probe with cable, 1 set ear plugs, headphone DD 45 C (option), probe holder, USB cable, power supply, Installations-CD, manual