Overview 4000


Product description

With the Programme Overview 4000 you receive an overview of your measurement results. You can view the most important elements of the measurement results, for all HOMOTH devices, in one window. A display shows the diagrams and parameters of the measurements for every programme. Three buttons per display are used for navigation through a patient‘s measurements. These buttons can be used to move to the next or to the previous measurement. In addition, a measurement can be called up on the basis of the date. In order to see all results for a measurement, the corresponding programme can be started, whereby the previously displayed measurement is directly called up. If the date for a measurement is old, it will be displayed in red. The length of time starting at which a measurement can be categorised as old, can be set in the options. The positioning of the views can be set individually in the options. Depending on the monitor‘s resolution, several diverse views can be displayed. A scrolling view can be set for small monitors. To print the results, any Windows A4 printer will suffice. The positioning of the views on the printout can be set independently of the display within the programme.

Technical specifications

Interface:GDT / BDT or via Homoth-Shell Supported devices:all HOMOTH devices Operating systems: Win XP, 7, 8 (32/ 64 Bit)