Audio 5002


Product description

The new Audio 5002 is a two-channel speech- and pure tone audiometer with USB PC-connection. An optimized soft- and hardware layout ensure that the Audio 5002 is well suited to be used in ENT clinical centers, in hospitals, industrial laborer medical centers or by audiologists. Standardized diagrams have been integrated into a well structured user surface which guarantees easy application of the system. The Audio 5002 is equipped with a full set of patient communication devices and can be used in combination with an existing audiometric cabin. Individual measuring data is stored in a database included with the software which may also be integrated into a computer network. Such, examination results can be viewed from any work station within the network without additional software. Special Features: • 3 active freefield channels for ILD & BILD • air conductor up to 120 dB HL or bone conductorup to 85 dB • Threshold exceeding tests: SISI, Langenbeck, Stenger, Fowler • Automatic audiometry modul (Hughson-Westlake) etc.

Technical specifications

System:PC module with USB 2.0 interface System requirements:Pentium PC min. 2 GHz, USB 2.0 Port, Windows 7, 8, 10 (32/64 Bit) Signal channels: 2 separate or indentical signal channels Stepsize attentuator:1 dB or 5 dB Air conductor DD65-V2:125 – 12.500 Hz Bone conductor B81: 250 – 8.000 Hz Frequency tolerance:+/- 1% Signal shape:continuous tone, puls tone Frequency modulation (Wobbel) according to EN 60645-1 chapter 6.2), Amplitude modulation (SISI) 5, 3, 2, 1 dB Masking pure tone:contra lateral manual or floating, wide band noise, tone noise according to EN 60645-1 chapter 6.4, 8.5 and Table 4, band with: 1/3 Octave Masking speech:contra lateral manual or floating, speech simulating noise, weighted noise according to EN 60645-2 chapter 13), wide band noise Speech tests:Monaural und Binaural, Sprach-CD/ WAV-Files from HDD, Line-In Additional Tests: SISI, Langenbeck, Stenger and Fowler, Tinnitus, Tinnitus masking Freefield (passive):3 passive speakers 4 Ohm (400 mV), optional Freefield (active):2 active speakers (optional) Warm up time:5 minutes Operation: PC-keyboard or PC-mouse Power supply:External power supply type SMDA 51-T03, Voltage 100 bis 240 VAC, Frequency 47 bis 63 Hz, Input power 42 W max. Dimensions:330 x 80 x 265 mm (WxHxD) Weight:2,1 kg Accessories:1x headphone DD65-V2 (optional for high frequency HDA 300), 1x bone conductor B81, 1x patient response button, 1x headset, 1x USB cable, 1x power supply, 1x Installations-CD, 1x manual Optional:speech test on CD, patient microphone, 2 active freefield-speakers