Rhino 4000


Product description

With HOMOTH the Tymp 4000 it is possible to do a full automatic impedance measurement within a few seconds. All functions, as well as curves and data are presented at a LCD-display. Herewith the results can be verified before documentation to avoid misprintings. The device can be used in the doctors practice as well as in the clinic. Because the measurement of the compliance only takes two seconds, it is very suitable for children and restless patients. The test results are objective and independent from the assistance of the patient. Because of the extreme simple use, the examination can be done directly at the working place and fits in well in the general examination. Because of the test automatic a one-hand-operation is possible, so the head of the patient can be fixed with the other hand. For the measurement the probe is held against the outer ear. A two coloured lamp at the top of the handle indicates the correct fitting of the probe and the measurement is started automatically. It is possible to measure the stapedius reflex ipsiand contralateral. During this measurement, the middle ear pressure is held in the outer ear canal for printouts, an extreme fast digital printer, woking very noiseless and economical is used. All data and diagrams can be stored on a hard disk if the device is connected to a PC-system (optional).

Technical specifications

method:anterior self-breathing Airflow:0 - 900 ml /s in- and exspiration Pressure difference:0-50 daPa Function control:two measuring-bars in the display Averaging:max. 5 flow-curves Pressure calibration:automatic before start or manual Visualization:diagram and numeric values Automatic calculation of:• pressure in daPa • flow in ml /sec incl. total-flow • percentage • resistance-coefficients • Point 2-5 at 75, 150 and 300 daPa Display:LCD Monitor with 240 x 128 Pixel Printer:thermo printer with 112 mm paper width Dimensions:330 x 115 x 340 mm (WxHxD) Power supply:13,2 V, external power supply 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 35 W Accessories:12 nose-plugs (olives), 2 flow-probes, 2 sets of hoses, foot pedal, probe holder, power supply, manual Special accessories:face-halfmask Application:• Proof of allergies after provocation • Diagnostics at handicapped nose-breathing • Function control after nose operation • Control after dispensation of medicines